I routinely build sites to test new software.

Some of these sites are test sites for projects I’m currently working on; others are sites I actually use.

  • Blog: – My instructional design blog. I post once in a blue moon on it, so most information is relevant but in archival status. My current blog is located on the News page.
  • Moodle 2: – This is where I’m testing Moodle 2 versions for usability, new features, themes, plugins, APIs, etc. It’s good to have some place to blow stuff up and rebuild as needed.
  • Moodle 1.9: – This is an archived site with production courses on it. It is frozen at the latest stable 1.9 branch release and will never be upgraded to version 2.  Here you can find my presentation on Moodle Site Administration and Usability. Username: mmoot09  Password: join
  • Mahara ePortfolio: – This is an ePortfolio site that I’m currently tinkering with. I’m testing out the tools and also working on integrating it with the Moodle 2 site via the API interface.

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