The ADL released the 4th edition of SCORM 2004 in 2009: – not so exciting news.

The EXCITING news is that they have released a beta version of Unity game-based-simulation SCORM packager, built on SCORM 2004, 4th edition, standards:

Please note, you need to have a developer with Unity authoring skills install this on your system first (see Unity). The above information is for developer’s only. Once installed and configured, then your Unity developer can publish a SCORM package using this tool (and this is a beta release – this is not for your production environment). So, this software is not for your typical educator – you still need to know how to build simulations using the Unity software first.

Now we just need the LMS community to catch up and provide SCORM 2004, 4th edition compliant players and reporting within their LMS! Thanks to Rustici, that reality may not be far off….

And, you really should check out SCORMpool’s blog post on this topic: It has lots of goodies embedded in the post, including a link to testing 2004, 4th edition content!

Update 01/06/12: