Mary ParkeHello there! My name is Mary. I’m a jack-of-all trades. Seriously. Anyone who started out as a ceramic engineer, studied geology, became a social worker, worked abroad, and then went into education and technology fits the bill. I’ve 10+ years experience in higher and K-12 education:

  • Creating online education programs
  • Creating educational technology plans
  • Proofreading and finalizing technology hosting contracts
  • Building and facilitating online learning communities
  • Assessing and implementing learning management systems
  • Teaching faculty blended and online learning andragogy for course development
  • Training faculty and staff on software and audio/video equipment
  • Training on and performing multimedia production and optimization
  • Performing software usability, beta testing, documentation, and training
  • Selecting, implementing, and training on web conferencing, lecture capture, and mobile apps software
  • Building simulation-based learning modules using SCORM
  • Analyzing operational processes and procedures for selection and implementation of knowledge, collaboration, and support systems
  • Analyzing operational and team resources, resulting in identifying change management processes and efficiency opportunities
  • Classroom subject matter teaching (K-12: math, reading and language arts, science, history, technology, and applied common sense)

Indeed, it feels as though I’ve been working with technology forever – and I absolutely love it. From programming in BASIC on the TRS-80 back in the 80s to being one of the first to test the Netscape Mozilla browser at the University of Illinois at Chicago (and asking my professors, how do you cite the web?) in the 90s, and finally attaining my Masters of Arts in Education (Instructional Technologies) in the new millennium – I’ve lived the birth and evolution of the internet and mobile technology and see a very bright and fun future ahead of me.

My knack seems to be with building community, analyzing systems, translating and implementing technology, and project management. Throw in some great instructional design, practical hands-on experience and understanding of the unique demands of teaching and you’ve got me – someone who listens and understands.

So, I can help. I know what to look for in planning and implementing online learning programs. I excel in analyzing, assessing, outreach, and team building. I know how to deliver a system to faculty, administrators, and technical staff. I have built online learning communities, faculty training programs, and been the compliance evaluator for online courses (content, design, intellectual property, copyright, accessibility, HIPAA and FERPA legalities). I’ve helped create technology education plans and been active on distance learning committees. I know how to reach learners. I listen, observe, identify patterns, research, relate, create, inspire, recommend, mentor, train, build, resolve, and push folks to own their knowledge, learning, and processes; and believe in clear, consistent, easy-to-access and update channels for communication. I look to the future to create solutions that will adapt, scale, and continue to serve users. That’s all a mouthful. Ultimately, I can speak geek and translate it for those who use it, and I can take curriculum and pedagogy or andragogy and turn it into engaging online learning. From the back-end code to the front-end usability, I can help.

Check out my Resume, Assets, and Sites. If you have questions, please do Contact me.

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